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January 2013
Rule clarification: Lost tribes Thu, 11 July 2013 03:23
I was playing SW with my family today and ran into an incident with the Goblins and the Lost Tribes tokens. Are these tokens considered in decline since they are never active? The rules don't explicitly say but the "in decline" icon is on the token. Obviously this doesn't effect much other then if the goblins relieve their -1 against them.

  Rule clarification: Lost tribes  graham_buttersThu, 11 July 2013 03:23
  Re:Rule clarification: Lost tribes Proto PersonaThu, 11 July 2013 04:21
  Re:Rule clarification: Lost tribes rasmussen81Thu, 11 July 2013 06:06
  Re:Rule clarification: Lost tribes OneBagTravelWed, 21 August 2013 06:41
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