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June 2013
Q: What Happens When... Sun, 11 August 2013 16:43
Yesterday, I was playing SW and this scenario took place:

Player 1 had one declined race spread all over the map and his active race only had two tokens in two different regions.

Player 2 wanted him to go into decline, forcing the declined race to go away. So he rushed on the acive race making it dissapear.

On player 1's next turn occured the questioning:

A) Should he go into decline with his non existing active race vanishing from the map his current declined race?

B) Should he be able just to pick a new race and start conquering, keeping his current declined race in the map, skiping the turn in which he has to go into decline?

We went for the second choice, but it pretty much looks like player 2 made a huge favor to player 1 that way.

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