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November 2011
  Web version broken? Mon, 07 October 2013 20:18
I am trying to click "Play" to play online (web version, not Steam). I get a blank page, and the link looks like it's working, but the page never brings anything up. This is BEFORE I even get to the popup to play...and my Java is current and correctly set up.

What gives??? :

  Web version broken?  laurelindorenanMon, 07 October 2013 20:18
  Re:Web version broken? BekaTue, 08 October 2013 00:47
  Re:Web version broken? LitwinTue, 08 October 2013 00:51
  Re:Web version broken? mersgotseoulTue, 08 October 2013 03:50
  Re:Web version broken? LitwinTue, 08 October 2013 12:32
  Re:Web version broken? laurelindorenanTue, 08 October 2013 06:11
  Re:Web version broken? jprgobcTue, 08 October 2013 19:51
  Re:Web version broken? smetzgerTue, 08 October 2013 20:04
  Re:Web version broken? FIN mirasaneTue, 08 October 2013 23:20
  Re:Web version broken? YannWed, 09 October 2013 10:22
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