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  [Beta] Small World 2.5 Mon, 28 April 2014 16:59
Dear Small World 2 players,

Today we are releasing the first Beta version of Small World 2.5!

How can I qualify?

This is an "open Beta", which means that any owner of the current digital version of Small Wolrd 2 can download and try the Beta version - when technically or practically possible (see platforms restrictions below). Please note that trying the Beta assumes that you fully agree with all the terms described in this memo, so please read it entirely.

Where do I get it?
  • On Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux):
    • In your Steam Library, right-click on Small World 2 and select "Properties".
    • Click on the "BETAS" tab.
    • Select "beta_version" from the pop-up menu located just above the password box and close the Properties panel.
    • The Beta version will download shortly after.

  • On iPad: because iOS greatly limits the number of Beta users, we unfortunately cannot accommodate everyone. You will have to contact us using the Bug Report form (see below), provide us with your UDID (very important, see, your DOW Login Name, your device model and explain why we should pick you. Your DOW account must show that you are a user of the digital version of Small World, so make sure you logged in at least once from your copy of Small World 2.
  • On Android Google Play: go to and ask to join the "community". Once you are accepted, follow the instructions on the community page.
  • Android Stand-alone: Kickstarter users who installed the stand-alone version of the original games can download the Beta directly from their Download Center in their Days of Wonder account. Here is the link:

Again, our goal is to put the Beta in as many hands as possible, but we must deal with some constrains in the process, so we thank you for your understanding.

How do I report bugs ?

We expect you to report issues when testing this Beta - that's the whole point of it, right?

So we set-up a special "contact us" page to report issues (or ask to be part of the Beta program for iOS or Android) here:

Make sure you use this page to contact us, and this page only. Do not contact us directly by e-mail or by private messages, we won't be able to answer you. Also note that even though we won't be able to answer all reports, we will read and process all of them. So make sure the matter was not already discussed in this forum before reporting an issue. This will save us time. Make sure you follow all the instructions in the report page to write a "good" bug report.

How do I discuss or give my feed-back ?

Beyond bug reports, we are also interested in hearing about your comments, suggestions, etc. Do it on this forum, simply post your message as usual, but prefix its title by "[Beta]" so that everyone (including us) can spot it easily. We'll keep this thread locked for comments, so that we can use it as our "official news" channel.

Are there special things that I should know?

You must be aware that this is Beta software, i.e. something with bugs, possibly very serious ones. Even though we are confident it should not happen, you must realize that you will be confronted with a work-in-progress software, which may crash your device or computer, lose data, etc. So please make a backup of your files. We won't offer any kind of compensation for your time and/or for any problems that may arise from the use of this beta software. If you are uncomfortable with this, please don't try the Beta and wait for the final version.
We retain the right to exclude any beta tester out of the program with or without a cause.

What should I do?
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Read the Release Notes before doing anything else (see next message).
  • After installation, read the User Guide in the Compendium to become familiar with the new features.
  • For more in-depth reading, refer to the Design Notes we published in the past (see list of links in next message).
  • Try the Online Arena and play on-line!
  • Try the new invitation system to play with Buddies - but make sure that they have the Beta too or it won't work!

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Days of Wonder dev team

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