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Doctor X
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May 2012
UK Technologies question. Thu, 07 January 2016 04:00
So, I get that you pay 4 locomotives to get a technologies card. What I can't see in the rules is if the cost listed on the front of each card (1 locomotive for Wales Connection, 2 locomotives for Booster) is an ACTIVATION cost or an UPKEEP cost, or if it's another thing I'm missing.

Essentially, is the 1-4 locomotive cost something you pay to ACTIVATE the technology the first time you get it, or is it a cost you have to pay to USE the technology each time after you've bought it? Or a third thing?

  UK Technologies question.  Doctor XThu, 07 January 2016 04:00
  Re:UK Technologies question. Doctor XThu, 07 January 2016 05:06
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