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August 2018
TTRE 1912 rules clarification Sun, 07 October 2018 18:47

I have a few questions regarding warehouses and depots in 1912:

- when picking up cards from the face up train cards, do we need to place a train card from the train cards deck on a warehouse as well?

- can the warehouse cards be taken only on the turn when the route to the depot is claimed, or can they be taken at any time after that (giving a way to let the pile getting bigger)?

- if we can wait before emptying the warehouse, does taking cards from it count as the single action of the player turn, or can we play a regular action (pick up cards or play train cards) and also discard a depot to empty the warehouse on the same turn?

Thank you for your answers.

  TTRE 1912 rules clarification  nonottreSun, 07 October 2018 18:47
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