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hajmola regular
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March 2019
Why is Small World so popular? Fri, 29 March 2019 11:40
I\\\'ve played it a good number ofntimes, and after the \\\"new game\\\" novelty wears off, it really feels like a shallow experience. Even compared to other lighter games https://ovo.fyi/lorem-ipsum/Lorem Ipsum Small World has almost no interesting decisions for you to make (other than going in decline). https://ovo.fyi/temp-mail/Temp Mail What you go for on the board is never interesting and is just whatever will maximize points, and then the downtime is horrendous. https://ovo.fyi/10-minute-mail/10 Minute Mail I know not every game is for everyone, but Im curious why it has such a following.

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  Why is Small World so popular?  hajmola regularFri, 29 March 2019 11:40
  Re:Why is Small World so popular? JeronimonSat, 30 March 2019 12:30
  Re:Why is Small World so popular? JohanJakobsenWed, 17 April 2019 08:28
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