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August 2020
Europa 1912 Warehouse/Depot rules question Fri, 07 August 2020 20:45
One of the rules when using Warehouse/Depots says: " In addition to his regular turn, a player may always, as a Free Action, take one or more Depots still next to his Warehouse and place them on any empty cities."

Is the following an allowable move: I have my initial Depot on the eastern part of the map and am stacking cards on my Warehouse. I am building my routes in the central-to-western part of the map. As another player approaches my depot in the East, on one turn can I put down a depot near my routes (in an empty city) and then put down a route that touches it to claim the cards? Seems like a "bush league" move to allow - reading the rules it's hard to tell if the depot can be played BEFORE your actual action or if it must be done AFTER your action.

  Europa 1912 Warehouse/Depot rules question  dlewisflFri, 07 August 2020 20:45
  Re:Europa 1912 Warehouse/Depot rules question Fomalhaut76Tue, 29 September 2020 19:28
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