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Peter de Zeeuw
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March 2005
D.I.S. Cleans House Mon, 28 September 2020 21:53
Franck: "Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another exciting Monday night of Ticket to Ride! My name is Franck Lefebvre of Days of Wonder and I'm here with my colleague, Eric Hautemont."
Eric: "We have some wonderful matches for you in store tonight, as well as..."
Franck: "WAIT! Is that... It is! Look who's running towards the center of the US map! It's The Ideal Son-Outlaw Peter de Zeeuw! HE'S BACK!!!"
Eric: "Ugh, oh, God, no..."
Franck: "THE DUTCH ARE HERE! THEY'RE ATTACKING FROM ALL CORNERS OF THE MAP! But... What is that? What is Peter holding? Is that... is that a steel train?"

Bassie... *Whack!*... Youki... *Whack!*... Goan... *Whack!*... Patterson... *Whack!*
Peter: "Truckerteller! I NEVER liked you, you son of a monkey!"... *Whack!*

Franck: "Peter just laid them out cold by hitting them all over the head with a steel train!"
Eric: "Yeah... awesome. Can we cut to commercials now?"
Franck: "Hold on, Eric, I see more players running towards him..."

Onyx Puffin... *Whack!*... Zeno... *Whack!*... Angel 6... *Whack!*... Masimo... *Whack!*... TheKid... *Whack!*... RFAD... *Whack!*
Peter (teary eyed): "I'm sorry, Scott... I love you..." SKMorefield... *Whack!*

Eric: "Is this going to go on for long? I would like to get home before rioters start blocking the roads again."
Franck: "Hold on a little longer, Eric. I'd like to see how this ends... Oh! There's one of Peter's first nemeses, Optimus, also known as the masked engineer who ran him over with a brass train, back in 2005!”

Optimus... *Whack!*... Shamogi... *Whack!*... Juuco... *Whack!*... Toutoune... *Whack!*
Peter: "Will!"
Will: "Hey, Peter! Nice to see you again."
Peter: "You too, man." Will... *Whack!*
Dandee: "Buonasera, Peter. Did you get my private message?"
Peter: "I sure did, Dandee, and I will reply soon. But for now... ciao." Dandee... *Whack!*

Franck: "I'm a little surprised here. I didn't get the impression that Will or Dandee were going to attack him. Why would he do that?"
Eric: "Because he's an idiot."
Franck: "More are coming!"

WhiteTrain... *Whack!*... Sysyphus... *Whack!*... Kotay... *Whack!*... Muddaihrsohn... *Whack!*
Erps: "Peter, mein Freund!"
Peter: "Erpschen! Look, I don't want to hurt you. Just... duck." Sebbo... *Whack!*
Baron Von Schmidt: "Peter..."
Peter: "Baron Von Schmidt... you FREAK!!!" Baron Von Schmidt... *WHACK!*

Franck: "It is absolute carnage in the middle of the US map, but it looks like it's all over now. Look at the bodies... and it looks like Peter is leaving! He dropped his steel train and is walking away... I have to chase after him! I need to know what's going on!"
Eric: "Uhm, Franck... can I be frank? Don't feed the trolls.
Franck: "Eric, he disappeared for 6 years after winning the Nations Cup in 2012 and all of the sudden he's back. We need to know how... and why! I'm going after him for an interview. I'm going to find him!"

To be continued...

  D.I.S. Cleans House  Peter de ZeeuwMon, 28 September 2020 21:53
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