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July 2020
Game won’t start Tue, 29 September 2020 18:01
I’m having an issue where an online game won’t start for me (iOS). I’ve had this happen both when I host a game and when someone else is the host. I will be at the “lobby” screen waiting to reach the desired player count. Once the count is reached, nothing happens. I’m pretty sure the game starts for everyone else and they just eventually end up waiting on me, since I can’t do anything.

In the in-game chat room, other players have said they have had the same issue. I don’t know if they are iOS, as well. They said they have to leave the game and return to begin playing. If they are too slow, sometimes the bot takes over and chooses routes for them.

I’ve had it happen three times to me in 4-player games (all ranked, I think). I had no issues joining a 2-player unranked game in the 1 time I tried.

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  Game won’t start  mattfischer3Tue, 29 September 2020 18:01
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