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February 2006
Re:The board is 9 hexes deep... Wed, 27 September 2006 15:23
Some people complain that this game can go defensive real quick. Each side digs in and the game lasts forever as each player builds his hand and refuses to make the first move.

I disagree with that statement, but some of the set-ups you mention force the action to happen much quicker. I like that. Sometimes it may feel that things happen to quickly and you would rather develop them a bit more. But real war doesn't always allow that so the simulation shouldn't either.

On the flip side of things, if you start with all your forces on the edge of the board, that could be devastating to you. You can still only activate the number of units based on the cards in hand. If you start with units backed up against the board, they have nowhere to retreat. Now flags become as deadly as hits.

One of the worst games I had was a SFTF where I had about 8 to 10 INF starting in the first two rows on my side of the board. Though I had the superior number of forces, I couldn't get them moved into the action quick enough. Once the enemey advanced, it was like cattle to the slaughter. My forces were mowed down. Next time I played, I had to move my INF before that happened again and it took a while to get things going.

So just because you put the maximum space between you doesn't always make for a better game.

(As a side note, this is devastating in Battle Cry. In that game, a unit forced to retreat off the side of the board does not just lose one figure, it loses the whole unit and it counts as victory flag for your opponent. And if that unit has a general, they both retreat, both coutn as seperate flags. I have played games where units started on the edge. The first roll of the game forced the unit & general off the board with a retreat and you are staring at a 0-2 flag deficit before you play your first card.)

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