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June 2006
Re:The board is 9 hexes deep... Wed, 27 September 2006 16:26
I agree that it probably comes down to scenario preference, people prefer different things.

However, I feel like I have to bring up one scenario that simply does not make any sense because of how the board is utilized:

Iwo-Jima: The Meat Grinder
I have to say that this scenario almost feels retarded.
The US forces on their left flank are basically like fish in a barrel, squeezed between a minefield and the back edge of the board. Still within 2 dice range of Jap artillery and 1 die range of their front infantry, all flags basically counting as kills under the circumstances. Who was the dumb general in charge if this is supposed to reflect the battle at all? It's almost as if the US forces are supposed to be surrounded and are making a suicidal attempt to get out.

A number of scenarios have the defender positioned very much forward and the attacker stacked on the first two rows of his side of the board, both forces already within range.
Often it forces your actions as the attacker and I don't see how that can be positive, especially since the defense often has a forced playout sort of. Then it all comes down to luck.

I stumbled upon a post the other day at the Battlecry forum at the Boardgamegeek.
The quote is from a guy who claimed he got 2nd place at the Battlecry tourny at the last World Boardgaming Championship. I hope he doesn't mind me using the quote...

"The cards play a lesser role the farther apart the armies are. In scenarios where the armies are in the open, or on top of each other, whoever gets the better cards early is MUCH MUCH more likely to win. I wish the WBC final game would have had the armies much farther separated so that the final two players would have had room to maneuver their armies and balance out the cards rather than shoot it out in a point blank gunfight with the winner being the one who could shoot the most (i.e. have the strongest initial cards.)"

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