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Re:The board is 9 hexes deep... Fri, 29 September 2006 18:28
Might I suggest doing some preliminary recon and find the scenarios that suit your style of play? There are a myriad of scenarios, from official to user-made that offer many and varied types of battles, from close combat to artillery duels. I can tell you that I don't care for all the scenarios I've seen, and I've played some I don't much like, either. However, those scenarios still have their place, especially if they are depicting an historical situation.

As for the problem of enemy combatants starting in too-close proximity, sometimes it cannot be avoided due to the very limitation of board size you mentioned, namely the 9 hex depth of the board. 9 hexes is not a lot of room to begin with, and if you take 3 rows away just to provide breathing room between armies, you are down to 3 rows for deploying your army and 3 rows for the enemy army, again not much room to work with.

I will agree that the game board is cramped in C&C games. One solution I've found that works for me and my play group, I found a place to buy large felt terrain mats printed with 2" hexes, and they are something like 3'x4' in size, roughly 13-hexes by 17-hexes or something like that. I have two different mats, one in tan, or desert, and one in green. We use this to create larger battles, but they are often just existing scenarios with minor adjustments for the larger playing area. You can get even bigger mats if you desire (for mo' money), but the mats I bought have worked out quite well. Below is the website for the mats in question, if you have any interest.

Monday Knight Games - http://www.mondayknight.com/MKP-Mats.htm

That will take you directly to the page where you can choose terrain mats with various sizes of hexes printed on them. M44 and the other C&C games use 2" hexes, so best to stick with that size, IMO. Hope this helps!

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