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Choosing a good game

How to pick a good game?
What makes a good game, anyway, and which ones are right for me? Which criteria to use? These are all frequent, valid questions, heightened by games' relative lack of coverage in the media, despite their recent surge back in popularity. Furthermore, games, like other forms of entertainment, remain a highly subjective experience. So, until newspapers across the country start reviewing games next to their feature films section, here are a few pointers to help you in your first choices...

  1. Pick a theme that draws you in.
    Each game is an opportunity to step out of your common reality into a shared, imaginary world where you will rediscover the sense of wonder you so easily captured as a child. Gaming is an opportunity to step back (or forward) in time and space, so choose the games whose period, flavor or roles jumpstart your imagination the most.
  2. Let yourself be seduced by the components and overall esthetic of a game.
    The visual and tactile components of a game, its illustrations and the richness of its material not only go a long way toward suspending disbelief to make a game memorable, they're also an integral part of the pleasure of gaming.

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