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Discovering a game

Remember the fun you had the last time you sat down with friends or family for an evening of board or card games? Whether it was last week or a decade ago, most of us heartily agree that a good night of gaming is a wonderfully refreshing experience filled with fun, laughter and friendly competition. Ahh... but over time we get bored with the same old games and through a combination of lack of time and missed opportunities even stop playing - not because there aren't great games to play - but because we're reluctant to learn new ones.

To help re-introduce you to the thrill of opening a new box and uncovering the exciting treasures that lie within, we've created this short guide on how to best discover and enjoy our games. Depending on your level of experience and familiarity with board games, you may wish to skip some of these steps.

A Short Guide to Learning New Games
The usual, wrong-headed approach - tearing off the shrink-wrap and heading straight for the rules as you all sit down to play - is the surest-fire way to a poor night of gaming. Spending just a little bit of time beforehand will not only shorten the learning curve, but will also provide a much more enjoyable experience for all of you.

  1.  Open the box, set the rules aside, and spend a few moments to discover the game...
  2.  Locate the players' aids or game summary to get a grasp of the basic game turn.
  3.  If available, now head to the online version of the game
  4.  Now, read through the rules once or twice.
  5.  When your friends show up, play through a practice turn or two.

Remember, like most hobbies, as you gain experience, you'll learn faster.. The more games you play, the easier each new one will be. Many good games will also reveal additional subtleties and pleasures for you to enjoy as you gain additional experience in playing them.