Heat: Pedal to the Metal Heat: Pedal to the Metal

When and where?

All gaming requires is a few (as little as two) players, some time (a half-hour to an hour is sufficient with most recent, modern games) and an opportunity. Contrary to common perception, gaming is not the privilege of children alone. Days of Wonder offers you games that will provide fun, passion and laughter for all involved regardless of age. Let yourself be surprised!

Traditional holidays:
The temptation to play is the greatest, when we receive a game. Christmas, or a birthday, are the traditional opportunities to play. But, for our tastes, these opportunities are far to few and far between! You don't go to the movies only during the week of the Oscars. Why should you only play games once or twice a year? Our challenge is to give you the desire to multiply those gaming opportunities. How? Here are a few starters...

Organize an evening of gaming with friends:
The idea is original, the evening will leave lasting memories, and it is assuredly more convivial than a night at the movies. Soon you might even have your friends organize their own gaming nights!

Give a game as a gift:
Rather than the umpteenth bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine, why not offer a game instead? This gift will not only last much longer, but also gives an opportunity to share with all.

On a rainy day or night:
Why not turn these long afternoons of fall and winter into moments of fun and relaxation in a world of wonder?

On vacations:
While the meat grills on the barbeque, during the afternoon by the water, or after a long day outdoors, there's always time to play.