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 Author : Dominic Crapuchettes

Gambit 7 is a new kind of trivia game - you don't need to know the answer to win! In Gambit 7, all players simultaneously write their answer to the same question and place it face-up on the Betting Board. All questions have a numerical answer, so even players that don't know the subject matter at hand can make a guess!

Gambit 7 Commonwealth Edition (English) is available for countries outside of USA, Canada, Norway and Finland.
        GAME DATA
  • 100 Gambit Question cards - each with 7 questions
  • 7 Answer Cards for each player
  • 7 Dry Erase Markers (for answering questions)
  • 1 Sand timer (hourglass style)
  • 1 Betting Board
  • 1 Score Board
  • Betting Chips for each player
  • 1 Rules booklet
3-21 Players
Age 7+
15 minutes