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Authors : Bruno Faidutti & Serge Laget

Mystery of the Abbey is a new kind of "whodunit" game of deduction and intuition, set in a medieval abbey. Players compete and collaborate to solve the mystery by moving through the Abbey's beautifully rendered board and questioning their brethren.


Games Magazine - 'Games 100' 2004      Today' Parents - 'Top Toy Guide' 2003

2003 Family Game of the Year accordin      Finalist of the Spanish Game of the Year 2005

        GAME DATA
  • 1 Board map of the Templars' Abbey
  • 6 Monk miniatures cast
  • 6 Deduction notebooks
  • 90 Illustrated cards
  • 50 Suspect sheets
  • 3 Wooden Monk dice
  • 1 Mass bell
  • 1 Rules booklet
3-6 Players
Age 8+
60-90 minutes