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The first Campaign Book for Memoir ‘44 brings a new dimension to the game: instead of playing each scenario individually, you will now be given a chance to play those in succession, using new campaign rules to link the outcome of one battle to the next. Will you throw all of your troops into battle at once, at the risk of lacking crucial resources later on; or should you adopt a more cautious stance, keeping some units in reserve to ensure that any future setback remains temporary? The final victory will hinge on the tactical and strategic choices you make.

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  • 112 page, full color Campaign Book with Advanced Campaign Rules. Over 50 new scenarios covering 3 Theaters of Operation
  • 1 punchboard including: Unit and Reserve markers, plus additional game tokens
  • 9 Unit, Weapon and Terrain Summary Cards
  • 2 Players
  • Age 8+
  • (requires original game)