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Author : Alan Moon

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure game. Players collect train cards that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America.
This award-winning game is one of the most popular board games in the world with over 3 Million copies sold. So climb aboard for some railroading fun and adventure!


2004 Game of the Year in Germany  2005 Origins Award winner As d'or - Game of the Year 2005 in France  2004 Best family Game on boardgameratings.com  2005 Game of the Year in Finland 2004 Game of the Year in Japan  Games Magazine - 'Games 100' 2004" title="Games Magazine - 'Games 100' 2004  Jeux sur un plateau - JSP d'or 2004 6th place - Deutscher Spiele Preis 2004  2005 Game of the Year in Sweden 2005 Game of the Year in Spain     Parents' Choice Foundation 2004 Silver Honor

        GAME DATA
  • 1 Board map of North American train routes
  • 225 Colored Train Cars
  • 144 Illustrated cards
  • 5 Wooden Scoring Markers
  • 1 Rules booklet

2-5 Players
Age 8+
30-60 minutes