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Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia (Web Version) is the first new map to hit digital platforms in nearly seven years and lets rail barons connect routes from Karachi to Kathmandu. It features Mountain Routes, which consume additional trains from the players' reserves but score bonus points and speed the game's ending.

Play the Legendary Asia map directly from your web browser. It will be automatically added to your account upon purchase.

Requires the original Ticket to Ride Web game.

Includes a free Steam key to unlock the Legendary Asia map on your Steam/PC, Steam/Mac or Steam/Linux version!

Humble Bundle users: purchasing this expansion will activate the map on your DRM-free PC, Mac, Linux and Android versions of Ticket to Ride.

However, iPad, iPhone, Google Play, and Kindle users should buy the expansion directly from Ticket to Ride on their device - not from this page.