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In the 2012 reprint of Mystery of the Abbey, there are errors in the English language edition where the incorrect number of cards to pass at Mass is given. Each card incorrectly states you should pass 2 cards, whereas the number of cards to pass changes depending on the Mass.

We have reprinted new Mass cards, which are available through a free replacement program in case you got incorrect cards (i.e., each card says "pass 2 cards").

This free offer is limited to one set of cards per customer who registered a copy of Mystery of the Abbey. You must be logged on to your Days of Wonder Online account with a registered Mystery of the Abbey access code that starts with "MA22" to order (Click here to register your game if you haven't done so yet).

You will receive an e-mail when your replacement cards are shipped.
Orders are batch-processed so delivery times will vary. Please do not contact us to ask where you shipment is as we cannot track these shipments. Thank you for your patience and your understanding.