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Expands the original US Map to include 35 new Destination Tickets and a new GlobeTrotter bonus card for completing the most tickets. There are three new ways to play: USA 1910, using only the new Destination Tickets; the Mega Game, featuring all tickets; and Big Cities, with select large cities tickets.

Requires the original Ticket to Ride digital game.

Purchasing this item will activate the expansion on your digital versions of Ticket to Ride - note that you will need to log in with your Days of Wonder account.

iPad, iPhone, Google Play, and Kindle users can buy the expansion directly from Ticket to Ride on their device instead. Pricing may be different or the expansion may be combined in packs. So make sure you check out the Shop screen inside Ticket to Ride before purchasing from here. Likewise, Steam users should check out the offers on the Steam shop.