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You want to report an abuse or a misbehavior from another player

We value the good spirit and the pleasant on-line gaming experience that is fostered by the vast majority of members in our online community. Unfortunately, from time to time, a player may violate our Terms of Use, and play unfairly, or be abusive or insulting.

When this occurs and it is reported, we issue a warning to the offender, and in most cases he or she abides by our requests for civility. On rare occasions, we have to ban the player and cancel his or her account.

Please note that we cannot arbitrate disputes, or settle arguments that occur along the lines of... "he insulted me, so I insulted him back!". We request that you always remain polite and relaxed, even in front of a person that you believe is rude or acting inappropriate.

If you find another player continues with their inappropriate behavior, please, make a screenshot of their text and send it to us using the form below.

How to make a screenshot:

  • On a Windows PC: press the Print Screen key. This makes a screen copy and places in the clipboard. Then open Paint, and paste in a new document. Save as a JPG file, and select this file in the file attachment form below.
  • On Mac OS X: press Command Shift 3. This creates an image file on your desktop named "Image 1". Select this file in the file attachment form below.

For obvious reasons, we do need the screenshot before we can take action. Also, describe the circumstances in details.

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