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World Boardgaming Championships - Memoir '44 Tournament

Last year's tournament had 70 players, including several who play Memoir Online or post on the Forums here.

This year's tournament will feature 6 scenarios from the Campaign Book's Fall Gelb campaign -- specially chosen by last year's champion, because they took place near his home in Belgium.

Click the website link, above, for the full Event Preview, including a list of the battles.

For the first three scenarios, you only need the base game. Rounds 4-6 use elements from the Terrain Pack. (Roads, railroads, marshes, rafts, rolling dice to blow up bridges.) Summary cards will be provided. Air Rules will not be used.

Two-game matches, single-elimination. Thursday evening Mulligan round: Losers can re-enter round 1 in the morning. Winners skip directly to round 2.

Teaching / Demo: Thursday at 8pm
Mulligan round: Thursday at 9pm
Main tournament (6 rounds): Friday at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm

Also this year -- OVERLORD games (non-tournament) on

> Thursday 2pm - Prokhorovka (Kursk)

> Friday 11PM - Pre-release copy of NEW SCENARIO from EQUIPMENT PACK. (Our notorious "midnight madness" Overlord game.)

> Saturday 10am - Roi-Namur Landings, from Campaign Book, Volume 2

> Saturday 2pm - Pre-release copy of NEW SCENARIO from EQUIPMENT PACK, with Combat cards

Event location:

Lancaster Host Hotel

2300 Lincoln Hwy E
Lancaster, PA 17602
United States


Contact Person

  • Contact:  Sam E.
  • E-mail: