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Contac is a free 2 day mini gaming event in Tacoma WA.
We play all kinds of geeky games; 7 Wonders, Heroclix, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, Tzolk'in the Mayan Calander, all things Zombie... Boardgames, Family Games, CCG, Geekness. Families are welcome. Sat. and Sun. Apr. 19th and 20th Shilo Inns in Tacoma.

For more info check out
Meetup.com/contac and Warhorn.net/events/contac for game schedule.

Ticket to Ride Tournament.
In Ticket to Ride players compete to build there rail lines between cities so that they can fulfill there destination tickets. The Ticket tournament will consist of 3 tables with up to 5 players per table. 15 players max. There will be an open demo of the game prior to the actual tournament. Each table will have a different version of Ticket, (see below). Each player will be randomly sat and will play a different version of each game, playing through all three versions available. The winner will be determined by the total accumulated VP’s through all 3 games played. Entry fee for this event is $4.
Prize: a selection of door prizes will be available including complete board games. There will be a prize awarded for 1st place.

Max 15 Players
Table 1 Ticket USA with 1910 playing Big Cities Destinations
Table 2 Ticket Euro
Table 3 Ticket Africa Map Pack

Entry $4
Winner: Choice of available prizes. Also a complete set of all 5 train colors special translucent player pieces.
2nd-6th place: A pick of 1 special translucent player pieces.

Event location:

Shilo Inns

7414 South Hosmer Street, Tacoma, WA
Tacoma, WA 98408
United States


Contact Person

  • Contact: Donovan Brouwer
  • Organization: Contac
  • E-mail: