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Memoir '44 Tournament - World Boardgaming Championships

The WBC Memoir '44 tournament is North America's largest face-to-face M44 tournament.

The tournament is a 6-round Single Elimination, with a Mulligan round. The Mulligan will be Thursday evening, and the main tournament all day Friday.

This year, we will play scenarios from the new Khalkhin Gol expansion:

• Mulligan & Round 1: The Khalkhin Gol Spark**
• Round 2: The Halha River Shelling
• Round 3: Attack on the Soviet Outpost**
• Round 4: Down in the Dumps**
• Round 5: Kawatama Bridge**
• Round 6: Bain Tsagan Heights (Breakthrough)

** Starred scenarios will be played to 6 medals, even though they’re normally only played to 5. Also, for “Down in the Dumps,” instead of the Sudden Death rule, we will play that hex as a Turn-Start Permanent Medal objective.

As always, any special rules for a scenario will be taught at the beginning of the round, and help sheets will be available. That includes Breakthrough rules, if either Finalist wants it. (The Breakthrough map is twice as deep as normal, and has a few special rules that enhance play on a board that size.)

In addition, we will have 5 Overlord games -- Thursday, late-night Friday, and all day Saturday.

• Thursday 2 PM: Tigers in the Snow, a basic Overlord featuring German Tiger tanks.
• Friday 11 PM: Tetsu No Ame, a Pacific scenario for experienced players, definitely worth staying up late for. Composed by LooneyLlama.
• Saturday 10 AM: Cape Torokina Landings, a unique Pacific amphibious assault in the Solomon Islands, from the Khalkhin Gol expansion.
• Saturday 2 PM: Into the Valley of Death, a desert battle between the Americans and Germans, composed by LooneyLlama.
• Saturday 8 PM: The Khalkhin Gol Encirclement, from the new expansion.

This will be WBC's second year at Seven Springs Resort, near Pittsburg, with nice facilities and abundant space. WBC features over 100 tournaments, including Battle Cry, C&C Ancients, and C&C Napoleonics. The full convention will be July 22-30. DOW games Ticket to Ride (over 250 players last year), as well as Small World and Pirate's Cove, will have tournaments, too.

Event location:

Seven Springs Mountain Resort

777 Waterwheel Drive
Seven Springs, PA 15622
United States


Contact Person

  • Contact: Sam E.
  • E-mail: