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The 4 Opens tournament

  • Date: 10/06/2018
  • Status: Confirmed
  • Type: Tournament
  • Web site:

What will we play?
We play four scenarios "through the years".

Evening program
For those who want to have more fun we play an Overlord in the evening after we have had something to eat.

What will it cost?
Because there will be no hand-outs, the scenarios are pre-printed from already played tournaments, this day costs only EUR 5, -.
If you want to join in and play Overlord in the evening, then there will be EUR 1, - extra charge.
To pay on the day itself.

You can find the Rules here: ensToernooiReglement.pdf

Sign up for the tournament by sending an email before 30 September to:

Mention in it:
First Name:
Rear name:
Pseudo Days of Wonder: if you have one
Date of birth:
Cellphone number:
Whether you are participating in the evening program: playing Cozy Overlord.

A maximum of 40 participants can register, after which you will be put on a reserve list

The scenarios that we are going to play are:

Hattert Harassment (Dutch Open 2015) 31

Final Push (Dutch Open 2016) 90

San Pietro (Dutch Open 2017) 73

Bialystok (Dutch Open 2018) 99

Event location:

SportPlaza Moerdijk

Molenvliet 7
Klundert 4791 GB


Contact Person

  • Contact: Jurgen Verwijst
  • Organization: M44Brigade
  • E-mail: