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Memoir '44 Tournament - World Boardgaming Championships

The WBC Memoir '44 tournament is North America's largest face-to-face M44 tournament.

The tournament is a 6-round Single Elimination, with a Mulligan round. Mulligan round Thursday evening at 9PM (with a teaching session preceding it at 8PM), and main tournament all day Friday, beginning at 9AM.

• Mulligan & Round 1 – Suomussalmi
• Round 2 – Forêt d'Ecouves
• Round 3 – **A Bridge Too Far, from the 2013 Belgian Open tournament
• Round 4 – **The Khalkhin Gol Spark, from the Khalkhin Gol Battlemap expansion
• Round 5 – Gold Beach (D-Day Landings revision), Richard Borg’s 2014 update of the original, standard-sized scenario, which was introduced at WBC
• Round 6 – **Hlegu, Burma, from the Jungle & Desert Battlemap expansion, with Jungle Combat cards

** We will play all scenarios to 6 medals, including the three that normally would just be 5 medals.

Bring your base game and (if you have it) Eastern Front.

In addition, we're scheduling 5 Overlord games. SEMI-OFFICIAL SCHEDULE:

• Thursday 2 PM – Moyland Wood (basic and action-packed)
• Friday 11 PM – High Stakes at Bruyeres (with Combat cards)
• Saturday 10 AM – Battle of Lauban – Action 2 (basic)
• Saturday 2 PM – Crossing the Volturno Line (advanced scenario)
• Saturday 7 PM – The Khalkhin Gol Encirclement

WBC is held at Seven Springs Resort, near Pittsburgh, which has nice facilities, abundant space, and multiple food options. It features over 100 tournaments, including Battle Cry, C&C Ancients, and C&C Napoleonics. The full convention will be July 23-31. DOW games Ticket to Ride (over 280 players last time), as well as Small World and Pirate's Cove, will have tournaments, too.

Event location:

Seven Springs Mountain Resort

777 Waterwheel Drive
Seven Springs, PA 15622
United States


Contact Person

  • Contact: Sam E.
  • E-mail: