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Creature deployment in CtA Tue, 28 August 2007 10:07
Why should I pick up the deployment card with a creature on it if I could choose a creature during lore council set up step? Only for having "first choice"? Or maybe no player is supposed to put a creature if he doesn't have deployment ard for it in CtA?
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Re:Creature deployment in CtA Tue, 28 August 2007 11:21
when useing the cta deploment cards you can only play a ceature if it turns up on youer 4 deployment cards you get the your beasty if you get to the "call the war council" phaze with out deploying a creature well you dont get a creature Crying or Very Sad but if you do get a creature then you still have to pay for it in the "call the war council"phaze

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Re:Creature deployment in CtA Tue, 28 August 2007 11:59
There is an additional entry in the PDF- Creature Compendium available over at
http://www.battleloremaster.com/guild_downloads.html, that cannot be found in the online section yet. It is called "Creatures and Call to Arms", can be found under the "Generic Creature" and it describes some details about how to employ creatures with the CTA expansion. The entry is approved by DOW, so you can call it official.

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