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February 2007
Advice Wed, 19 September 2007 15:37
Can anyone suggest the best first expansion set to go for?
Is it a good idea to get the terrain pack before investing in either the East or Pacific fronts packs.
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February 2006
Re:Advice Wed, 19 September 2007 16:18
First question is what do you want to do? If you are going to be making your own scenarios, then the Terrain Pack is a good place to start. If you just want to play new games, then it is probably the worst one to grab first. It comes with tons of rules and bits but then only offers 4 scenarios to play it with!

Second question is what front interests you most? I think Eastern Front and Pacific Theater are on about equal footing. You can't go wrong with either but I think you will find more enjoyment in the theater you like the best. Putting that aside, I think that EF offers better designed scenarios. I have fun playing them as they seem to be longer more difficult to win scenarios. They can be brain burners. But on the flip side, I like the rules for the USMC and IJA (PT) more than I like the Commissar rules (EF). But the PT scenarios are a little weak - more for training the new concepts introduced but not much in the way of manuevering. So PT tends to be quick and bloody as the two sides hammer each other.

Third question is when are you looking to purchase? The above two questions really just deal with what has been available the past year and a half. But the new Air Pack was just announced and will be out the end of Novemeber/early December. It is hyped to change the base game quite a bit and impacts how all the other expansions play as well. So it is hard to say at this point if the Air Pack should be the 1st expansion you get or if you should follow the path the rest of us took and got enjoyment out of the expansions as they were released. What I am somewhat worried about is that the Air Pack will take the wind out of the sails of the other expansions; you will still need those other expansions to play the specific scenarios. But if the Air Pack enhances them, it may seem like going backwards a step.

So my advice is get what interests you the most between EF and PT (or better yet, get both!). If you are gung-ho to make your own scenarios, then TP is probably the best route. And at this point, I think it is still better to jump in and get the established expansions under your belt before the Air Pack comes out.

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June 2004
Re:Advice Wed, 19 September 2007 21:41
Availability also comes in.
In Europe is the EF expansion sold out at the moment.
That is the only part I haven't bought 2 copies of, so I thought I would add it to my purchase of 2 sets of Air packs plus cards. Except I couldn't

But as said above does it all boils down to your own preferences.
Personally I have had the most fun out of the TP expansion as I really love the Africa scenarioss.

My second most used expansion is PT as I found the Gung Ho/Banzai rules to be great fun. But I wouldn't recommend it until you have had more experience with the normal rules. Not that they are hard to learn, but there no reason to change the system until you begin to find the standard system a little stale.

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July 2005
Re:Advice Thu, 20 September 2007 02:54
The Eastern Front expansion is my favourite - best purchased with the Winter(/Desert) board. You get winter scenarios, Red Army Rules, breakouts, oilfields, T34s, etc.etc.

BTW, this thread is not going to help you decide - it will just make you wish you could afford them all right now... Smile
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October 2006
  Re:Advice Sun, 23 September 2007 14:56
player318906 wrote on Wed, 19 September 2007 08:37

Can anyone suggest the best first expansion set to go for?
Is it a good idea to get the terrain pack before investing in either the East or Pacific fronts packs.

Both Pacific Theater and Easter Front are good. However the Eastern Front will look weird if you don't have the winter/desert board. If you just want to get one expansion, I suggest the Pacific Theater. There are plenty of Pacific Theater scenarios on SFTF. Try mine Iwo Jima (The real thing) #3144u and Iwo Jima 2 3172u. I think the Pacific Theater is the best expansion for scenarios, but I'm partial to all the expansions. Laughing
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