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Epic Houserules Thu, 04 October 2007 00:13
After playing Epic with CtA, my playgroup decided to make some houserules.

We're allowing lore to be collected in ranged combat. This was done to distinguish normal archers from longbow archers and the mounted archers.

To compensate for the increased amount of lore collected, the end of turn is changed to either collecting 1 lore or 1 card.

Also the Magic pentacle landmark is changed to allow a unit to roll its attack dice at the end of turn. Each lore rolled is collected into your goblet. A green unit thus collects an average of 1/3 lore per turn, blue 1/2 and red 2/3 lore per turn.

Also we choose our specialist cards (3) prior to changing our feudal levy tokens.
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Re:Epic Houserules Thu, 04 October 2007 01:55
Personally I liked the fact that ranged combat didn't get lore - since it made sense, to a small degree (if mythological warfare made any sense at all!). Since it can be explained, to some degree, how lore is "obtained" in melee, I never could come to grips with how ranged combat could.

Also it seems, with at least most of the latest releases, that almost all of the ranged combat units were not getting lore for ranged combat anyways. I think, outside the ranged combat that is in the basic package for BL, I think the sling as well as long bow (?) are the only other units that gets lore. (Don't hold me to that, since I suspect there is one other but I can't think of it at the moment - barring creatures of course!)

Thus the "blanket" statement of no ranged combat in Epic was a small relief to me, so one didn't have to remember, which ranged combat units could or could not get lore!

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