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Baron Von Schmidt
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January 2007
  Last Post and Adios! Sun, 11 November 2007 01:43
Well kid...


By the way kid, your post about the crickets chirping the last time I thought I was leaving offended me and hurt my feelings. You have also offended A LOT of other people. You should be banned. Crying or Very Sad

The biggest bip of the century post offended me. Ban everyone in it. Confused

Goscha wrote the word asshole in a post lately. VERY offensive. Please ban him. Shocked

EVERY single post about President Bush being stupid/lazy/inept has really offended me. Please ban all those people. Mad

Because it seems there is no freedom of speech here. (Well at least no free speech if there is someone at DOW who decides they don't like you).

1. Cheaters? No problem. Rolling Eyes
2. People who play on vs. the bot? No problem Rolling Eyes
3. People who say the F word repeatedly in the lobby? (which does NOT get bipped by the way) Shocked Rolling Eyes No problem
4. Personal attacks in threads all the time (many of which have to be locked or moved)? No problem Embarassed

But get a few whiners who write to DOW? Quick! Call the hurt feelings police! Confused Confused Confused (It just seems to me DOW would want to concentrate their limited time on 1 - 4, rather than on trying to make sure no one gets offended by anyone else. (Unless you aren't liked by someone at Dow or some such reason, I seriously can't figure out why the "rules" seem to be applied to certain players but not others)

What I do know is that I had a SPECIFIC agreement of what NOT to do in relation to myself and another certain player with the CEO of DOW. I followed it EXACTLY, even when this other player did not. I guess I was supposed to also be able to read minds and know somehow that I could not even enter a games of people who decide they don't want to play you.

Lets see....hmm I think is was that great intellectual by the name of Baron who asked long long ago for DOW to make a modification where the players who create games are able to boot (force others to leave the game BEFORE it has started) and booted player cannot enter that specific game again. Yahoo games has an example of this. Since DOW did not design the interface that way and has never taken action to do so (despite repeated requests from the community) WHY would I ever think that was important to them and HOW could I "know" they would want that as part of the agreement. If they wanted it then they should have said so. I asked to be VERY CLEAR in what was agreed to and expected. That was not part of it and therefore to punish me for entering a certain player's game is very unjust.

Or if it is so important, why hasn't DOW banned other players who constantly enter games where the creator doesn't want them (we all know who some of them are) and the many guests who do it repeatedly?

Maybe I'm really getting banned because I posted something where I didn't think DOW cared about the community anymore and I personally offended someone there. Who knows? Maybe someone there just doesn't like Baron's warm, friendly, and all inclusive personality. Regardless, any way you look at it this punishment is completely out of proportion, not enforced equally and totally biased.

This is why I am voluntarily leaving this game to look for another community to be a part of and another game to enjoy.

It will be interesting to see if this post gets moved off topic or completely erased because someone at DOW doesn't like it. Who knows.

I have been banned from posting and private messaging twice now (this second one only hasn't gone into effect I assume because the people who program the actual ban were busy on Friday and haven't gotten around to it yet.) Both bannings WITHOUT talking to me, WITHOUT asking for my side of the situation and amazingly WITHOUT a warning that actually was delivered in such a way that I read it. (It’s not hard to do a read receipt on an e-mail guys, if you send it to an e-mail someone NEVER uses they aren't going to read it). This second banning with no warning whatsoever to through any medium I can tell.

When I protested this time that it wasn't fair and would like to discuss it I was told by a vice president that does not matter what I have to say that the ban in going into effect no matter what. Also that it doesn't matter that many times my reasonable side comes out and I try to help calm things down in the forum and am a very responsible member of the community.

So since I am obviously in a no win situation, and because it seems that because a few whiners with hurt feelings have written DOW and my friends have not done the same, nor defended me in public (although many times to me in private), because of this and more, I am DONE here.

Monika just renewed her web card and so did a few of my other friends I have talked to. I'll try to find someone who will continue to carry on the good fight to give the remaining 6 months and 1 day of mine to. I think Spudamon deserves it.

Man oh man, am I glad I live in America where we have freedom of speech. Where people recognize that although some speech may be offensive to themselves or to certain others as long as it is not threatening, obscene, or dangerous then EACH individual has a right to express themselves and their personality.

The most ridiculous thing about all of this, is that there are and have been much much more severe instances of every single issue I have been accused of, and in nearly every case, DOW has taken no action at all except for maybe a few private warnings. Now THAT mr vice president is what I call disingenuous Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

You win babies who get offended easily, whine and then cry! Baron wins too because I don't have to deal with you anymore! Laughing Very Happy Laughing Twisted Evil Laughing Very Happy Laughing

Great Game DOW! Smile Poor implementation of policies however, and too much capriciousness in punishments. Sad (In my opinion that is, I am well aware that I don't know about everything else that goes on behind the scenes.)

Peace and Love! And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, people. Remember it's just a game! Don't get so worked up over it and ruin friendships or carry hate around with you. Do that one thing and my bannings and leaving will be well worth it. Smile

Sincerely and with a few regrets,

Cool Baron Von Schmidt Cool

To my true friends that I do have here in the community (I KNOW there are a few of you out there!) remember my e-mail qpzi@yahoo.com and keep in contact would you?

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July 2005
Re:Last Post and Adios! Sun, 11 November 2007 14:52
r u serious about leaving man? I surely enjoyed some of your exquisite posts ... beyond that I do not relly know what has happend around you - good luck with everything baron. (Drop the bushing-loving act though hehe, and do not pretend as if the u.s.a has freedom of speech, it has some of the strongest controlled media and propaganda machinery out there - i would hope someone like yourself could stir that theme up instead if defending it ^^).

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October 2004
Re:Last Post and Adios! Sun, 11 November 2007 18:02
SOS - youki schrieb am Sun, 11 November 2007 14:52

r u serious about leaving man?

He is not. Ever since I know Cameron he stepped back once in a month cause of any reasons...

I remember:

Baron von Schmidt
Sandbagger von Schmidt
tprail loves Baron and blablabla...

He might still come back under the protection of anonymity that the www serves him and is just fishing for comments that call him back to the lobby. After my opinion he did that too often in the past...

So I write:

CU soon Cameron (finally today - cause You gonna read the thread for response)

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