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February 2007
Fitting the game into the box and bonuses Tue, 04 December 2007 03:46

I've had the game (and the Hill Giant and EE) since last Christmas, and bought Epic, CtA, Gob Skrim, and the Dwarf expansions. However, my friends have not been willing to play until now. So I have some noobish questions. First, I put the cards in sleeves (protective sleeves inside shuffling sleeves), and now they don't fit in the box slots anymore. Is there a way to get everything to fit in the box if all the cards are sleeved?
If not, any suggestions?

For game play, what takes precedence; restrictions due to terrain, or bonuses from cards. If I attack a hill, I roll 2d max, but what if I have a +1d bonus from a card? Does the hill's restriction cancel the bonus, or does the restriction get applied before bonuses? Thanks for any info!

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October 2006
Re:Fitting the game into the box and bonuses Tue, 04 December 2007 03:58
Glad you made it back to the game Wink

As to the card question, I've no suggestions. I've abandoned the original box and have all the components in plano boxes.

As for the gameplay, the terrain just affects the base dice roll, any bonuses from command cards and/or lore cards would stack on top of the restrictions. E.g. a blue banner mounted unit attacking uphill when ordered by Leadership and then boosted by the lore card Strength would battle at 4d: 3d lowered to 2d for the terrain, then add one for Leadership and one for Strength.

Have fun Very Happy

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February 2007
Re:Fitting the game into the box and bonuses Tue, 04 December 2007 22:36
Ah, thanks for the answers! Luckily, we played it right last night! I don't really want to abandon the box; looks too nice, and plastic containers and whatnot look bad on the game shelf. I'll have to come up with something.
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August 2005
Re:Fitting the game into the box and bonuses Thu, 06 December 2007 21:17
I use the box shown here:

http://www.daysofwonder.com/index.php?t=msg&goto=79616&a mp;a mp;rid=241451&S=6010f04ea3edbb15eb2c33a391b3466a#msg_796 16

It's the Stanley small tool utility case, available at Home Depot. It has six small drawers in the sides that can be used to store the cards. They should fit even with protectors, but I would take them to the store and verify it before buying.

With this solution, you're not abandoning the box. I use it to store the cardboard tokens, dice, boards and manuals. You could put the reference and specialist cards in the tray in the box, and put the more frequently used cards (Command, Lore) in sleeves and store them in the Stanley case.

I have all the expansions through 100YW, and there is still room for more figures in the case.
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