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  Does Air Pack modifies the system much of the game? Thu, 20 December 2007 14:42
Does Air Pack modifies the system much of the game?

What qualifications do you give to(from 1 to 10):

- Memoir 44 basic
- Memoir 44 + terrain pack
- Memoir 44 + rusian pack
- Memoir 44 + japan-pack
- Memoir 44 + Air-Pack

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Re:Does Air Pack modifies the system much of the game? Fri, 21 December 2007 04:25
[quote title=scdit46 wrote on Thu, 20 December 2007 07:42]
Not quite sure what you are asking - the impact? the improvement?

- Memoir 44 basic
10 - the basic scenarios are more utilized and even where the Air Rules aren't used, it integrates the other scenarios back into the old scenrios.

- Memoir 44 + terrain pack
8 - There aren't many "TP" specific scenarios so the direct impact isn't necessarily there. However, the Air Pack utilizes the terrain and one of the rules from this expansion in the scenarios. So I think the AP makes the TP more useful.

- Memoir 44 + rusian pack
7 - Not a whole lot of impact to this expansion though it does benefit from the air rules; Major impact is finally getting winter hills and some more winter terrain - especially villages

- Memoir 44 + japan-pack
4 - Very little impact - air rules present but I think almost half the existing scenarios received no upgrade (which makes sense since it was the most recent expansion and already could take advantage of the others)

- Memoir 44 + Air-Pack
9 - great bits, lots of useful summary cards. The rules are fairly straightforward and have become an extension of thebase game - a memoir v2.0

if you want more on my thoughts, check out this review:
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