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Epic Command Rack Variant? Fri, 21 December 2007 03:33
I've tried searching, but are there any tested or suggested variants regarding the use of the shared epic command rack posted on these boards?

Basically I'm somewhat annoyed by the lack of card management available in the shared epic command rack and was looking for suggestions on how to make it more card-management/skill-based. My main gripe with the shared command rack is that the 'best' card always gets played ahead of worse cards, otherwise your opponent just uses the 'best' card against you the following turn. For example, no one would ever play patrol center when an advance center card was in the shared command rack. And in most cases its best to move the most # of units possible even when moving them forward [at least until battle starts].

I'm finding that playing Epic makes card management go out the window mostly, as in a non-epic normal game it takes a certain level of "skill" or foresight to play worse cards on non-critical turns and to have the right advances, attacks, foot onslaught, mounted charge, etc. cards for when the main battle finally begins. Also to a lesser extent the issue of playing 2 cards a turn also makes card-management less important because while in a normal game if one player advances center and moves on average 5 units and the opponent can at best retaliate with a patrol down the center, moving 2 units; well 5 vs 2 units over the course of 1 turn is a big advantage. But when adding the shared epic command rack on average allows each player to move 3 additional units a turn, player 1 would move 8 units while player 2 moves 5 which isn't as big an advantage in absolute terms.

Any suggestions for variants?

This part below isn't a necessary read, just what I've thought over to address the situation. Comments are welcome.

My current way of handling the situation would be to:

A) Allow each player to have their own 3 card command rack, that way you have to manage it over the course of the game [get rid of bad cards before the main battle starts]. This seems somewhat doable, can anyone think of any issues with following this approach?

B) Play 1 card a turn, but somehow double the magnitude of a section card in epic play, (tactics cards follow Epic rules). Eg. Scout card move 2 units, Patrol 4, Attack 6, Advance 8-12 (depending on commander level). On the March and Forward can be doubled without any issues, although Forward may get a bit powerful.

For the single section cards however rather than move all units in one section allow the player to perhaps roll a die to determine which section a small portion of units move in to simulate the fact that the shared epic rack allows units to move in different sections simultaneously. For instance, Scout both units could move in the card's played section, patrol 3 out of 4 units move in the card's played section, roll 1 die to determine which section the last unit moves in. Attack card 4 units move in the card's section, roll 2 dice to determine which section the last 2 units move in. Advance roll 3-5 (depending on commander level) dice. So the bulk of the units still move in the card's primary section but a smaller proportion of units are a bit more unpredictable.

This approach seems a bit overly complex.

C) Just play 1 card per turn in Epic.

This somewhat distorts lore accumulation and makes lore have a greater impact on the game since there would be more turns in a game than normal, and allows for playing more lore cards at the start of each turn.

D) Instead of a shared command rack, let each player play with 3 extra cards in hand but play 2 section cards or 1 tactics card as in epic rules.

I think this approach doesn't address card management quite as well, since it allows a player to get rid of 2 'bad' cards out of their hand when dumping cards or play 2 really good cards on an important turn and they don't have to worry about managing their own hand and the epic command rack simultaneously since its all bundled together. For instance if they had 2 Advances in their main hand, and 3 patrols in their epic command rack, under this option since the hand is pooled, they could play 2 patrols on the same turn or 2 Advances on the same turn, whereas in a real Epic game they'd have to play 1 advance and 1 patrol.

Are there any other comments or suggestions on the issue? I'd be interested in hearing any alternate solutions to addressing card management in Epic games.
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