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Waterways and Follow-on actions Tue, 25 December 2007 15:04
When I first began to play, I missed the part in the rulebook that allowed units to gain ground and pursue through fordable streams. That has been remedied, but a question came up in a recent game:

Is a unit allowed to gain ground into fordable stream and then make a pursuit action beyond it? Or must the unit stop there, perhaps battle again (assuming the ability to do so, of course), and then, if able make another gain ground action?

The way I read the rules, a unit entering a fordable stream must stop during the movement phase, but any resulting follow on actions during combat will not be effected by the movement restrictions of the fordable stream hexes. Any consensus on this? (Or, better yet, an "official" addressing of the topic?)
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Re:Waterways and Follow-on actions Tue, 25 December 2007 15:48
It seems that the terminology is similar to the Railroad tracks in Memoir 44. The unit must stop when moving into it - but is not prevented from moving the rest of the turn. They further clarify this by stating that Gaining Ground & Pursuit are still available.

Since the restriction is about moving, it should only stop you during the Movement phase itself. GG & Pursuit are Combat actions and therefore not limited in this case.

So you could battle a unit and gain ground into a fordable stream and then still pursue.
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