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command cards Fri, 09 July 2004 22:14
I have a couple of questions about command cards and the game play in general. First when using the cards, certain cards say specific things, a "attach card" "close combat" "probe" etc. When using a "attach" card does this mean combat only or move and combat? Same with "close combat" is this the only time I can advance after close combat is when using the card or can I do cc everytime I am adjacent to enemy units? In other words do I take the cards for exactly as printed. And what is the card "assault" mean? Move and attach or just attach. thanks, Dave

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July 2004
Re:command cards Fri, 09 July 2004 22:20
Unless specifically stated in the card, when you give "orders" to a unit, they can move and fire if it is legal to do so. If your infantry moves one and does not move into a terrain that would prevent them from firing, they may fire. Same with any other unit and its qualifications to move and then fire. Tank, for example, can move 3 and still fire, or special forces can move 2 and still fire.

Tactic cards (gray) throw a few changes to the way things are done, but are usually quite specific on how the rules can be changed for that card - refer to FAQ for rulings on some of the more confusing tactic cards.

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Re:command cards Sat, 10 July 2004 05:39
I am assuming that "attach" is referring to attack
Most command tactic cards are straight forward.

As an Example:

A Card with ATTACK in the Header says under the header “Issue an order to 3 Units on the Right Flank

This card allows you to move and attack with 3 units of your choice as allowed by that unit on the right flank, this could be any combination of units (tanks, infantry or artillery).

Close assault for example:

Says, Issue an order to all INFANTRY and or ARMOR units adjacent to enemy units.

This card is allowing you to activate all of your INFANTRY or ARMOR units that are adjacent to an enemy unit to attack the adjacent unit and I believe it gives them an extra battle dice when doing so, but you can not move a unit that was not adjacent up to a unit and then attack as in this case it had to be adjacent when the card was played.

A probe card tells you which flank the probe is on and how many units. These are the units that you can move, fire, or close assault with.

Hope this helps.

[Updated on: Sat, 10 July 2004 20:20]

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Re:command cards Sat, 10 July 2004 07:32
Attack card maybe? Confused

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Re:command cards Sat, 10 July 2004 16:51
I see where the confusion is comeing from. Just because a cards title refers to an aspect of the game it does not mean that is the only time you can invoke certain rules. for instance, the fire fight card allows you to order 4?(don't have my game w/ me @ the moment)infantry units not adjacent to an enemy unit. The card says no movement can be done but fire fights gain a bonus battle die. This is not the only time you can have a fire fight though. a fire fight occurs any time you target a unit not adjacent to your particular ordred unit. The same goes for close assault. a close assault occurs any time an infantry or tank unit attacks an adjacent target. takeing ground applies if the criteria are met. the close assault card just gives you a 1 battle die bonus for close assaults ordered w/ that card. unless otherwise stated by a command card or scenario special rules an ordered unitcan always move and battle. the exception is artillery which can only move or battle but not both. there is a command card that waives that rule also(artillery bomard maybe?)hope this helps.
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