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Why can I not start a Swtizerland game Fri, 15 February 2008 10:06
TtR online is great, but I do not understand the policy of DoW for not letting us start a Switzerland Game on the web-interface.
I have a serial number because I bought the Märklin version of Ticket to Ride.
Apparently, I have to buy the software game or the Switzerland edition if I want to start a Switzerland game. Meanwhile, I can start a Fist of Dragons game, a Queen's Necklace, even though I have not bought these games. It is a bit ridiculous, is it not?
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Re:Why can I not start a Swtizerland game Tue, 19 February 2008 17:26
FYI - Just thought I let you know that Switzerland was part of the Ticket to Ride Software BEFORE it even became an actual game, that is why you need to use the Software version to play the Switzerland version. And thus why it is on the Ticket to Ride software and not on the web version.

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January 2008
Re:Why can I not start a Swtizerland game Wed, 27 February 2008 00:14
I bought the switzerland game... I don't see why I shouldn't be able to start one since I actually do have that game Smile

But alas, I'm a big supporter so I bought the computer game as well, haha.

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