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Shadows Over Camelot - Merlin's Company Mon, 25 February 2008 22:06
What's this news about a possible game expansion for the Shadows Over Camelot product. Has anybody at Days of Wonder heard any news, what was of note at any recent conventions? Is the company planning any launch dates for other products? Just trying to find out any pending news of note. Thanks!

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Re:Shadows Over Camelot - Merlin's Company Tue, 26 February 2008 00:23

If you went to the Shadows Over Camelot thread, you would have seen there is already a thread open on this item. Matter of fact, there is 2 threads - with one thread having most of the conversation.

Here is the link to that particular thread :

You will find that if you keep to the topic in the respective forums, you will usually get better results than in the general forum like this...Smile


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