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  Storage Boxes Revisited Fri, 07 March 2008 23:15
A big kudos to trumpetman52 for pointing out his storage system here:

I was able to store all the M44 components (minus gameboards and manuals) including all expansions (TP,EF,PT,AIR) and 2 complete sets of the M44 base game (for Overlord) using the Akro-mils storage cases. I had to shave off a little plastic on the post beside the Air Pack cards to fit the whole deck since the posts slightly flare out at the bottom. These cases stack nicely and don't slide around by design. I keep the gameboards and manuals in the original M44 box (2 x main gameboard, 2 x desert/winter gameboard and manuals, player aids, etc.). Check out the pics on BGG:

Case #1:

Case #2:

I also used a pencil crayon to make a small, coloured mark on hexes along the cardboard edge, using different colors, to easily sort by expansion.

These cases don't leave much room for further expansions though. Crying or Very Sad
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Re:Storage Boxes Revisited Sat, 08 March 2008 09:11
Well then you will just have to get another case???

They look great, now if there was only a cool bag you could put them in?????


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Re:Storage Boxes Revisited Sat, 08 March 2008 14:42
Just wondering... when DOW finally releases the M'44 "official" case, will you buy one? OR will you just skip it because you now have money invested into the sectionalized boxes? (of course, these boxes can ALWAYS be used for other things, like fishing, kids/wifes crafts, nuts & screws, etc.

This also makes me think... how DOW is going to seperate the different expansions for "thier" canvas carrying case?

Just pondering...

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Re:Storage Boxes Revisited Sat, 08 March 2008 17:02
thanks for your kind words

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