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Two Player Rule Variation Tue, 20 July 2004 21:50
Ticket To Ride Two Player Rule Variation:

This two player variation has each player using two sets of cars.

Each player chooses two sets of train cars.

Turn order example: player1 red, player2 green, player1 black, player2 blue.

Each player keeps their train and destination cards seperate, and are played as two seperate players.

As in a 4 player game, use the double routes between cities.

Special rule: Each player may use their trains together on a multi leg trip to complete their destination cards. You may not combine your two colors on a single route between two cities.

Scoring for victory conditions: Combine points for each players two train colors to determine the victor.

Example: Player 1(red and black) has a destination card for red from Calgary to Salt Lake City. There are four red cars placed down from Calgary to Helena and three black cars placed down from Helena to Salt Lake City. He has completed the destination card and receives 7 points since his red player has 50% or more of red completing the destination. If player 1's black pieces owned the destination card, the black player would have scored half, only 3 points for the destination since they had less then 50% of the destination. Just as before, negative points are scored for routes not made.

We have played with these rules quite a bit and with different people and is a well balanced game. They work great as a fun variation. A bit more thinking is involved but is perfect for those that like an extra level of strategy. Four player team play can also be used with this concept.

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