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February 2008
Blue Hobgoblin Ostrich Riders Fri, 02 May 2008 14:05
I realize that DoW made a mistake in releasing blue banners for the hobgoblin ostrich riders/reflex bow in the goblin marauder expansion. I was considering the use of blue hobgoblin ostrich riders, though, and wanted to see what everybody else thinks.

Being a mounted unit, the blue hobgoblin ostrich rider unit would move up to 3 hexes and battle with 3d (or 3 approxicubes or cubicles or whatever the nom du jour is for the dice). Everything else would accord with the reflex bow rules: melee (point blank) and ranged - up to 3 hexes, no bonus strikes, when used on move, number of dice is not reduced and no lore tokens are collected.

That seems to make sense. The unit would be pretty powerful, but its power is offset somewhat by the built-in weakness of a goblin mounted unit. That is, it is a goblin, which are subject to the goblin run rule, and that it is a mounted unit, which is essentially a wounded foot unit when engaged in melee.

I must also admit that I always play pennant/English side and would like to use a goblin unit that approximates the power of a dwarven axe swinger (come on!) or bagpipers (unfair!).
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Re:Blue Hobgoblin Ostrich Riders Fri, 02 May 2008 15:16
If you ask me (which, I guess you did Very Happy ), Blue Banner Ostrich Reflex Bow units are what BL is all about. They could be used in any game I would happen to play with you Smile Certainly they would make an appearance if using a training camp to upgrade them from green to blue, or also if an "upgrade" specialist card ever makes its way into the game, but could be decided aforehand that blue ostriches would be involved in a preset adventure as well.

A Blue Banner Ostrich Reflex LongBow might be pushing it...but what's wrong with pushing it in this game Laughing
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Re:Blue Hobgoblin Ostrich Riders Fri, 02 May 2008 16:11
Blue banner reflex bow might be a nice way to represent orc warg riders in a Tolkien scenario. Some missile capability with punchy close combat...
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Re:Blue Hobgoblin Ostrich Riders Fri, 02 May 2008 17:10
for the frustration of the slingers, we use a house rules, (otherwise, we never play them!):

-after performing an attack, slingers are allowed to move 1 hex backward for free.
-if at point blank and in the case of battle back from the target, they can still do this move if they survive and if they did not retreat due to flags.
-they cannot move after performing a "battleback" (is bold).

this make them very "harrassing" little monsters.
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