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Homebrew creature : un-named! Thu, 17 July 2008 18:43
Burning Cloud

Starts life as a large Geode type shell / egg thing with green blue energy crackling over its surface. when it hatches its a broiling mass of smoke, firery teeth and claws, something that can't quite be made out, but it induces fear in all that see it. It feeds off of that fear......

Blue Creature
The Egg can not move on its on and so will need to be 'carried' around the battle field by another unit. Once hatched it will move under its own means
6 Lore is 'spent' to crack the shell and is put onto the creatures summary card (it also provides an imprint on the creature much like animals imprint onto the first thing they see, the importance of imprinting becomes clear in a bit )
The Creature will engage the nearest unit friend or foe (normal dice off ruls if two or more are equally distant)
All lore casting goes up in cost as per following table, this lore is not returned to the normal pot but onto the creature card and is not available until the creature is destroyed

Lore Master Same Section% Other sections
is Imprinted(*) +3 +2
isn't Imprinted +4 +3

*ie is a friendly Lore master
% if on a 'sweet spot' it will treat both sections as the 'Same Section'

The creature has six health rather than the normal 1 critical, after taking two hits the number of dice rolled drops to 2 after taking 4 it drops to 1.

Any thoughts?

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