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NC - If other gets kicked Thu, 28 August 2008 20:04

As far as in this NC, there are many first timers, i hope that every captain makes clear, thats its not allowed to play NC games against bot.
If other cant get back in 5 min, let the game kick you out, and continue waiting in lobby.
Probably some of his team mate (captain i.g) can say, if other can communicate via Skype or something.

Playing against bot in NC will lead us to fights, which i dont want.

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Re:NC - If other gets kicked Thu, 28 August 2008 22:58

19. Anti-Bot Trust
In a game between player A and B, if B is replaced by a bot, A waits till B returns and after that the game resumes, no matter what the bot did. Special cases:

19.1. After about 5 minutes (give or take), if B hasn't returned, A leaves the game. B has to make sure the game is resumed within 24 hours. If not, the TD rules:
A. A wins if B hasn't put enough effort in rescheduling the game;
B. The game is annulled if both players express the wish to do so, or if the TD rules that no one can be blamed (if neither of the players could find time, for example);
C. B wins if and only if the TD is convinced that A deliberately procastinated the resuming of the game.

19.2. In case A continues to play against the bot, the game is annulled if A can convince B or the TD that he didn't play on deliberately. Player A can't win the game anymore.

19.3. In case both players are disconnected, the game has to be resumed in 24 hours. If not, the TD rules according to the situation where only B was disconnected. In this case both players are treated equally.

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Re:NC - If other gets kicked Fri, 29 August 2008 02:33
Am I missing something - I don't see in the rules what happens if Player B gets Botted, so Player A waits. B doesn't return and A leaves the game as required. Then the system doesn't let the game be resumed. Who wins? If the game is annulled, it seems like a viable tactic if you are losing is to leave, then come back at some other point within 24 hours and hope the game can't be resumed.

I haven't tried to resume a game lately, but I know in the past it used to be buggy.

Also rule 19.2 shouldn't it be "is annulled if A canNOT convince B or the TD that he didn't play on". And shouldn't there be something added to the second sentence "Player A can't win the game anymore" if what??

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