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July 2005
Discarding a Lore card Wed, 03 September 2008 06:40
If the text on a drawn Lore Card makes that card literally impossible to play (i.e. target units near water on a scenario with no water whatsoever) is there a provision to discard that card (since it is taking up space)?
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December 2007
Re:Discarding a Lore card Wed, 03 September 2008 17:02
If you draw lore cards and it causes you to exceed your maximum hand size, then you must discard lore cards down to your maximum hand size.
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October 2006
Re:Discarding a Lore card Wed, 03 September 2008 17:15
This is why I almost always take either two lore or two cards Smile But, yeah, the only provision for discarding a lore card is during the lore phase when drawing exceeds the maximum.

One could decide aforehand to not include that particular card, but I like the affect it has on the deck make-up.
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