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M44 Vassal - Version 7 - what you need to do to get it up and running - PLEASE Sticky !! Sat, 13 September 2008 23:21
For those not in the know, you need to do the following things to get M44, using version 7.0, as of this writing - Sept 13, 2008.

First, you need to download the Vassal installer. I won't go into any great detail there, since there are lots of different Operating systems etc.

Second, you need to go to the files directory for M44, which is the following :

http://www.vassalengine.org/community/index.php?option=com_v assal_modules&task=display&module_id=148&page=Fi les

And download and save the FOLLOWING files :


Note: 1) Even though Brummbar.mdx.zip is in the Memoir44v7_ext.zip file, the Brummbar.mdx.zip file is a newer version
2) Even though you might not plan to play Overlord games, still download it.

After you download the above files, do the following steps :

1) Create a directory to place your Vassal game files. For me (and for this example, I use the following directory :
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Vassal)
2) Place the Memoir44v7.mod file in the directory you just
created in step #1
3) In the directory you just created in step #1, place the Memoir44v7_ext.zip file in that directory.
4) Unzip the Memoir44v7_ext.zip file and make sure the Extract ALL the files and it's destination path is the same as the directory you created in step #1
5) Then copy the Brummbar.mdx.zip and Overload.zip files in the
Memoir44v7_ext directory created while unzipping the file in step #4. You probably will get a prompt to do so to replace the Brummbar.mdx.zip file that was placed during the step #3 of this process and answer yes to that prompt.
6) Move to the Memoir44v7_ext directory and you should see 6 zip files. Unzip all 6 zip files and make sure the destination directory for all of files is in the Memoir44v7_ext directory.
Note #1: During this process there should be an images directory created
Note #2: You might notice a buildfile in the zip files. This file doesn't need to be extracted (or if you do extract it, it can be overwritten - it is used for the creation of the zip files).

That's it, you are done.

p.s. if someone could place this Thread as a sticky that would be great. And thus when Brummbar adds new extentions, he could add them to this thread.

[Updated on: Sun, 14 September 2008 23:21]

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