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What's the latest official scenario? Wed, 01 October 2008 00:54
October 1st looms and I assume that DOW will start taking down their BattleLore content. FFG doesn't have the scenarios up yet (last I checked). So I am making sure I export the PDFs of the scenarios that were web exclusives.

I am showing that Scenario 51a was the last official scenario posted. Is this the "last" of the official ones from DOW? Were their more that appeared elsewhere in the gaming magazines?

If someone has them posted as a "Fan Adventure" (I am talking to you Caboose!), please link me to it along with the official source. (Not that I don't trust you, I just want to make sure it is 110% correct).

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Re:What's the latest official scenario? Wed, 01 October 2008 16:14
Gee Brian making sure you have all of your bases covered, eh?

Have posted the links on BGG and FFG site...Smile

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