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the aceman
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July 2006
Impeach Sun, 05 October 2008 04:29
I am displeased with the way neven subotic is captaining our team. And i think several other players are as well.
anyway is there anyway to "impeach" him and someone else could take over as our team captain.
SYN Stephan1972
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December 2006
Re:Impeach Sun, 05 October 2008 12:34
I think that is something to discuss within your team and with the TD.
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March 2006
Re:Impeach Mon, 06 October 2008 00:04
I'd say your choices are quit the team or live with it.

Next year make your own team or join a team you know something about.

Assuming your captain still wants to be captain. If they don't then I think in the rules someone else can become captain.
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