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Memoir '44 Events at GenCon SoCal Wed, 22 September 2004 01:20
We're looking for experienced Memoir '44 players who are planning on being in Anaheim California for Gencon SoCal (Thursday Dec 9 - Sunday Dec 12) to serve as GameMaster for three Memoir '44 demo events.

Each demo event is 2 hours long with a maximum of 12 players. All you need to do is help set up the games, teach the rules and answer any questions that the players might have. Events are scheduled for 6pm Friday night, 2pm on Saturday and 12 Noon on Sunday. Other than that you'll be free to game to your hearts content the rest of the con.

We will provide you with the demo games and pay for your week-long pass to Gencon.

Send me email if you are interested.

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